Oil trading

In its operations, Tehnopetrol Ltd. Tuzla, has a trade in oil and petroleum products. For the second decade, we have been successful in the area of Čelić Municipality where we have a modern petrol station. This business unit has liquid fuel BMB 95, and Euro diesel in its product assortment, which is supplied through reputable oil derivatives distributors, as well as a wide range of auxiliary car equipment, car oils and lubricants, auto filters, cleaning agents, additives for propellants, as well as food items, refreshing beverages and tobacco products.

The petrol station itself is built in accordance with all applicable safety and environmental standards, and it has an approved system – a separator for wastewater treatment with a coalescent filter and precipitator, thus fulfilling all the required environmental protection requirements and the possession of an environmental permit.


Our partners in this activity are:


  • OMV Ltd. Sarajevo
  • Brčko Gas Ltd. Brčko
  • Oil Refinery Bosanski Brod, a.d
  • Antunović Orašje
  • Oil Refinery Modriča
  • F-autocenter Ltd. Sarajevo
  • Kirnh prom Ltd. Tuzla
  • Čeman energoprom Ltd. Tešanj
  • Sampro Ltd. Živinice
  • Zovko Ltd. Žepče
  • Lombardija Ltd. Brčko
  • Maziva Ltd. Gradačac